We develop unique and innovative products in communication.

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Mouse Digital

quality management system related to design, production and marketing solutions of image and printing, advertising and socia elements of expression.


We are a skilled group of workers that integrate the areas of design, research and marketing, with a high sense of commitment and creativity. The company's NTC 6001 certification supports the quality of the processes in each of our designs. Our goal is to offer a broad portfolio in terms of visual communication and printing solutions.


We are a dynamic and creative company. We develop unique and innovative products in visual communication. Our commitment is with the people and their happiness.


In 2020 we will be a leading brand in the Colombian gift packaging market. We will be marketing our products in the United States and Peru. Develop direct points of sale to the final consumer. To do so will strengthen our management capacity, we strengthen our finances and ensure competition and happiness of our staff. We will be a company committed to the world and its resources.

Collective illusion

Accelerate growth as a solution provider in the imaging and printing concept, committed to our critical success factors
• To be the best option in the market with profitability.
• Innovate and develop attractive and dynamic products.
• Achieve and communicate our goals

Social responsability

Mouse Digital supports and collaborates with the foundation "Monseñor Isaias Duarte Cancino" in the education of underprivileged children.


Unlimited Design

IIdeas full of creativity across our portfolio, where we are recognized for packaging design, generating more possibilities for communication and expression of our customers needs.


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